Video presentation of work on the Urban Exhibition of 10 Monumental Sculptures on Port Fréjus in 2020.


Manon Perrier

It was at the top of a wooded Perigordian landscape, in the heart of a family of artisan jewelers, that Manon Perrier divided her early years between her love of horses and her burgeoning love of art. From an early age, she painted and shaped clay, affirming her vocation as an artist. Intuitive and demanding, Manon is constantly on the lookout. At the age of 20, she left her homeland to join an artists' collective in Anjou. Self-taught, Manon explores different materials and assemblages: clay, plaster, cement, bronze, before tackling welding. According to Manon, "It's the energy of gesture that breathes life into inert matter.

Alex Guilmard
Alex Guimard grew up in the Anjou region and its special light. At an early age, he developed a passion for drawing. This passion led him to enroll at the École Pivaut in Nantes, where he studied comic art. In this way, he acquired drawing techniques. Alex then multiplied his experiences, searching for himself, moving around, changing towns, experimenting with different professions: magician, illustrator, tattoo artist and many others, before recognizing in the art of sculpture the expression that suited him. He created his first work for the major music festival Helfest. For Alex, creation is like a trajectory: "Starting from one point and moving towards another, in the energy of the breath, like a vector".

It was within this artists' collective in Anjou that the two artists met and joined forces.



For these two artists, their meeting in 2017 marked a turning point. They decided to settle in Buffevent, a hamlet in the Périgord Noir. 

From then on, Alex and Manon worked and lived together, devoting themselves exclusively to the creation and realization of works of art. At Manon's side, Alex discovers welding, and at Alex's side, Manon finds a new lease of life, deepening her knowledge of anatomy.

From there, they create relentlessly, drawing on their differences. Their creativity grows tenfold.

In common, Alex and Manon share a love of nature and the animal world, which makes these artists veritable ethologists, so much so that they document and feed off their subjects. Their life-size metal animal sculptures, which are effectively immobile, capture movement and decipher instincts. The mobility and strength of their works hint at the mystery of animals.

To the question "Why animals?", "It's life, strength, elegance, ardor, power, they have so much to tell us..."(MP), "To sublimate them, mythologize them". (AG.)

In addition to this veritable bestiary of creativity, their creations include mythical figures, cartoon characters and thousand-year-old trees.

Text by Mireille Perrier.

FR3 video about all our work in 2018.

Alex & Manon France 3 2018

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