Current and upcoming exhibitions

Monumental commission for "Le HellFest" ... June 17

Guest of honor at Maison Alfort 2021

The Maison Alfort Veterinary School is exhibiting from September 18 to November 7, 2021.


The "Association des Jockeys" invites us to their auction on July 28.

Exhibition at Port Frejus!

10 monumental sculptures will be presented on the Port Frejus and 7 interior sculptures exhibited in the city from August 27 to November 02, 2020.

Exhibition at Port Fréjus.


2019 :

  • Galerie Viecceli in Cannes and Paris
  • The arts garden in Aix en Provence.
  • Animal Art Paris" pet art show
  • Showroom in Domme.

2018 :

  • Galerie Viecceli in Cannes and Paris
  • Salon d'Art 3F in Toulouse
  • Exhibition in Lisbon
  • Longines Masters in Paris
  • Galerie In Arte Veritas in Angers
  • Showroom in Domme.

2017 :

  • Salon Hoche in Paris with Mad art and Gus art galleries
  • Gus Art Gallery in Noir Moutiers
  • Montjean-sur-Loire Sculpture Symposium

2016 :

  • Meet Alex & Manon
  • Montjean sur Loire sculpture symposium
  • Night of the Welders
  • Lions Club in Cholet

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